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My Top 3 Workouts Right Now 

My Top 3 Workouts Right Now 

One of the ways I don’t get bored with exercise is by mixing it up. (I’m a Gemini. I like change!) Since my work and travel schedule can get hectic, I also need workouts I can do anywhere. This past summer, I’ve been trying some new things while QEEPING UP with the classics like yoga. 

What I’m really excited about? That I have a line of activewear that suits all my different activities, from high intensity to poolside chill.

These are my Top 3 workouts right now and the QEEP UP outfits to go with them.


Rise Nation

I lure all my girlfriends to class with this promise: Rise Nation will tighten your arms and lift your ass. Plus the instructors—girls and guys—are gorgeous. This versaclimber class is no joke, but the best part is it’s over in 30 minutes. You feel like you’re dying then boom! you’re done. 

I like to wear QEEP UP’s Abby sports bra and high-waisted leggings for this class. You sweat so much, you don’t want any extra layers.


Katonah Yoga

I’ve done every style of yoga, but Katonah is a technique that surprises and challenges me every time I practice, whether by myself at home or when I’m lucky enough to get to Nevine’s class in New York. It’s a form of Hatha yoga incorporating Taoist theory. (I know, right?) I’m hoping more teachers get trained in Katonah so people across the country—and the world—get to experience it for themselves.

The sweetheart bodysuit is my go-to for any yoga and meditation practice.


Hiking with my dogs

My rescue dogs are my life and hiking with them is probably my favorite form of exercise. We can go for hours and nothing makes them—or me—happier! I like to wear my off-the-shoulder top with the tie-side shortie shorts. Who says you can’t look cute when you hike? (Especially in LA!)

Maggie Q in the ocean tie dye shorty short and you lookin at me bra top

I end every workout with a recovery smoothie. In my fantasies, I’d be lounging by the pool in my swimsuit while sipping my shake instead of rushing to my next appointment still wet from the shower… But a girl can dream!

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