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More Than A Clothing Brand

Our purpose is simple, we want to clean our beautiful planet we call home. What better place to start than by taking consumer waste and turning it into something useful - we like to say, we’re turning trash into treasure.
The Qeep Up™ Difference
Because the oceans
can’t save themselves
We’re reversing pollution and the effects of post-industrial waste by offering products that help us fuel the healthy living of our minds, our bodies, and our planet. We’ve created premium athletic and swimwear from 100% recycled materials that don’t sacrifice comfort or performance just to be sustainable.
Our materials come from 100% recycled & traceable fibers
Our products are completely free of virgin plastics
1.3 T
Our first collection kept 1.3 TONS of nylon waste out of landfills
Our packaging is 100% recycled & 100% biodegradable
1/2 lb
Each legging saves on average of ½ a pound of landfill waste
Our Ocean Tie-Dye Project helps support the Blue Sphere Foundation
Our brand exists because only 9% of the 8 billion tons of plastic humans have produced has ever been recycled. Our brand exists because the oceans and marine life in them are worth saving. We have a responsibility to do our part and DO BETTER. Our brand exists because we all come from the same Mother Earth. We’re all just trying to Qeep Up, and it’s in this unified spirit we can all make a positive impact on our planet.
We must unite as a Nation of conscious consumers. Every one of you is a beacon of hope

- Maggie Q
Because the material matters
Bottles Recycled
Creating a fabric that would perform, feel, and match the level of quality we saw on the market was a non-negotiable, and we wanted our brand to be able to deliver not just a sustainable product, but an incredible one. That’s why every item you purchase from QEEP UP™ comes from our revolutionary fabric partner REPREVE® - one of the leading, most trusted, and certified performance fiber manufacturers in the world.
Pre-consumer fiber waste is collected
Repreve® Nylon6 chip is formed
The chip is extruded and textured through a proprietary process and becomes yarn
Yarns are knitted into fabrics, then printed and sewn into garments
Repreve® isn’t just the highest quality fabric made from 100% recycled filaments, including pre-consumer waste, as a company they’ve also recycled more than 5 billion plastic bottles since 2007. The waste is collected on the East Coast and processed into filaments at their facility in North Carolina. Yarns are then knitted into fabrics in Long Beach, CA which means we adhere to the highest regulations and eco-friendly practices, requiring the use of non-toxic chemicals in dyes and the use of energy-saving equipment. Making all QEEP UP™ fabrics certified to meet the Global Recycled Standard.
Our Ocean Tie-Dye Project
Because you can make a difference
It’s simple really, inspired by our oceans, we donate a portion of all Ocean Tie-Dye garment sales to our eco partners at the Blue Sphere Foundation who are fighting to save marine species and habitats around the world.
By wearing your Ocean Tie-Dye QEEP UP™ and supporting the cause you’re an official #OceanAmbassador and it doesn’t only mean looking or feeling your best - it means you’re doing a good thing.
Original Image
Modified Image
A bird’s-eye view of our great, powerful oceans and a reminder of the big-picture worth fighting for.

“I’ve always loved tie-dye and wanted to have a print designed that’s reminiscent of the sea and sky I grew up with and am fighting to protect.” Maggie Q

The Ocean Tie-Dye Print is our daily reminder to reduce, reuse and recycle. The ocean ecosystem is the most important on our planet, which is 70-80% water—just like our bodies. If you feel a deep calling for our oceans, it is borne from this undeniable cellular connection. It’s that connection that fuels the Ocean Tie-Dye Project as an easy way to support the conservation of our earth’s oceans.

Along with the donation we make with every purchase, we encourage every woman wearing their Ocean Tie-Dye Print to live like an #OceanAmbassador! Keep our planet in your heart and share your passion with everyone you meet. Use our print to start a conversation with a loved one or a stranger. It only takes one person to make a difference.

Blue Sphere Foundation
We’re proud to donate a portion of all sales of our Ocean Tie-Dye print products to Blue Sphere Foundation, whose mission is to safeguard our oceans, halting the destruction of threatened marine species and habitats.

Save our oceans, where life begins: They work at the frontlines of marine conservation, where the problems are most acute, to protect the last and most important holdouts of biodiversity on the planet. Blue Sphere is focused on three key threats: species extinction, marine habitat destruction, and economic and human wellbeing in communities dependent on oceans for their livelihoods. They find the most vulnerable areas where loss is assumed, but change is truly possible and they build programs to expose, campaign, and enable frontline change.
Save the Children® T-Shirts
Because they are the future
The purchase of our Save the Children® T-Shirts champions the efforts of this incredible organization with 100% of the profits going to support the care of children worldwide.
Another cause near and most dear to our hearts - Save the Children® works to protect and care for the needs of kids living in poverty around the world - they work in the hardest to reach places, where it’s toughest to be a child.
Meet Maggie Q
Because it all started with Maggie
It all started with our founder Maggie Q. Born and raised in Hawaii, Maggie has been a lover of the natural world since childhood. As a young girl, her family’s rescue dogs sparked what would become a life-long calling for compassionate animal welfare and environmental causes.
After moving to Asia in her teens, Maggie saw the real need for environmental advocacy on a global scale. Maggie began fundraising for threatened animal species twenty years ago. She then began advocating with her growing platform as a successful actress—with PSAs, interviews, and public protests against environmental injustice and animal cruelty.

While Maggie has spent her career in the spotlight of television and movies, it’s her humble and connected beginnings to the earth that drive her passion for environmental and conservation causes and have allowed her to use that spotlight to shine on the eco-needs of our planet.

Today, Maggie is a leading voice in consumer campaigns against elephant ivory and rhino horn trade, shark finning, giant manta protection, dog and cat meat trade, illegal pangolin and bear bile trade, and Diet Change for Climate Change.

In addition to her personal activism, Maggie is also a board member of Social Compassion in Legislation, a policy advocacy group fighting for animal welfare protection laws in California. SCL successfully got the Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act signed into law so California can no longer sell cosmetics tested on animals. Maggie’s dedication to animal welfare and environmental awareness has been recognized and awarded by the City of Los Angeles, the State Senate of California, the California Assembly, PETA, Wild Aid, Animals Asia, and The World Tourism Awards.

Since she was nineteen years old, Maggie has dreamt of building a framework that supports her passion for the environment and champions the people who work tirelessly to change our world for the better. Her professional roots in Asia have enabled Maggie to become a bridge to consumers in the biggest purchasing regions of the world.

With QEEP UP™, Maggie was able to realize her dream of connecting passion to purpose, weaving together the elements of her life and career. With her singular compassion as the cornerstone, Maggie is creating a new NATION of earth warriors who share her all-encompassing love of the planet.

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