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Maggie Q Rings The NASDAQ Bell For Climate Week NYC

Maggie Q Rings The NASDAQ Bell For Climate Week NYC

It’s been an unbelievable week, from the QEEP Up launch last Tuesday to the 4 million protestors at the Global Youth Climate Strikes Friday to Greta Thunberg’s searing speech at the UN today.

Also today: QEEP UP founder and CEO Maggie Q rang the NASDAQ bell in support of the millions of children fighting to inherit a healthy and sustainable planet. Along with Adweek, the Potential Energy Coalition and over 100 other CEOs, Maggie took the Future is Calling pledge:

  1. To agree that global climate change is an urgent threat to humanity
  2. To contribute significant resources to awaken Americans and the world to the crisis
  3. To engage their teams in solutions and push themselves and their clients to get to zero emissions with immediate plans

“As a consumer, environmentalist, a businesswoman and an activist, I will tell you that my dollar will only be spent with companies that care,” declared Maggie. 

Here at QEEP UP, we’re proud to be a sustainable, transparent company that not only recycles waste but won’t produce more. We look forward to other companies bringing sustainability to the forefront of their missions. And we hope you as a consumer will use your purchasing power to help protect the planet.

Let’s make this Climate Week count!

(And holy sh*t!  Maggie and QEEP UP were featured at NASDAQ not one week after launching. We’re still pinching ourselves…)

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