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Self-Care Q-Tip: Backbends To Get Over It

Self-Care Q-Tip: Backbends To Get Over It

I can’t be the only one who gets stuck on something, right?

Whether it has to do with work, a relationship, your kids or (god forbid!) your dogs, we all sometimes need help getting over it.

My Katonah yoga teacher, Nevine Michaan, says the best way to get over something is to do a backbend. It opens up the chest cavity, where we store a lot of emotions, so we can release them.

Many of us are prone to having a closed chest because we’re hunched over a screen all day—or we’re feeling hurt or afraid. There’s that Mind, Body, Spirit connection again. Our physicality can be such a reflection of what’s going on emotionally. When our hearts are open, we give and receive more love. And what feels better than that?

There are so many ways to do backbends. I like using a wooden back bender, but I’ve also been known to backbend over a gym ball, the back of my chair or the edge of my bed.

Get into the pose with your arms overhead, relax and hold for as long as it feels good.

If you prefer not to use equipment, try yoga poses like Wheel or Camel. Plough is not a backbend, but Nevine says it’s another crucial pose for when you want to get over something like a heartbreak.

The more deep-seated your “stuckness,” the more consistently you should do backbends.

Let’s all get over it so we can do more important things, like saving our planet!



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