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QEEP UP Yoga: Maggie Q's Double Pigeon

QEEP UP Yoga: Maggie Q's Double Pigeon

It's no secret we love yoga at QEEP UP. We've been known to take a midday yoga break in the office and—no surprise here—Maggie Q is often leading the class!*

We want to share some of Maggie's favorite yoga poses (and modifications) with our QEEP UP Nation.

Enjoy! And if there's a yoga pose you'd like to see Maggie talk about, let us know:  

*Maggie Q is demonstrating what and how she practices. As always, check with your healthcare professional before trying any new forms of exercise.  


Maggie Q's Double Pigeon


Get Maggie's Look

 Show Off Tank  
High Ball Legging in Olive 

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