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Maggie Q Explains Our Mother Campaign

Maggie Q Explains Our Mother Campaign

Maybe you’ve noticed our new campaign on Instagram: Beautiful women of different ages, sizes and color gathered together under a unifying statement, “We have the same Mother.”

Maybe you were confused for a second. “There’s no way these women are related… Are they?”

And that’s the point.

Maggie Q explains why she wants you to scratch your heads for a second.

“This campaign is designed around the unifying Mother Earth. Faces, ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds were all chosen to intentionally show that no matter who we are, we have one mother we need to care for—our collective Mother. The pairings and groupings were intended to create a question about a familial relation between the individuals. This deliberate misdirect was designed to make viewers get curious and want to find out more, inspiring a broader conversation about our planet and QEEP UP’s goals as a conscious company producing an entirely recycled collection of activewear.”

We know there’s a nation of people who care as much as we do about our oceans and our planet, but perhaps don’t know where to begin. We are all trying to do better and we’d love for you to be a part of this important initiative, whether it’s by learning more about our recycling process or becoming a QEEP UP Ocean Ambassador or sporting our Ocean Tie-Dye Print. With mindful choices, we can create lasting change.

Remember, we all share one Mother and it’s our job to protect her! Let us know how you’re fighting for our Mother by reaching out on social or shooting us an email: We’d love to hear from you!

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