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Our Favorite Farm Boxes

Our Favorite Farm Boxes

During the long months of quarantine, people Zoom dated, grew their own vegetables, started businesses, perfected their banana bread recipe, wore leggings all DAY, and fully embraced the farm box.

Farm boxes hit their stride when everyone was home and wanting to get their hands on fresh (and organic) fruits and veggies. These boxes, usually from one or a group of local farms, contain in-season produce that’s freshly picked and delivered to your doorstep.

What’s wonderful about farm boxes—apart from the beautiful produce—is they support local farms that have struggled while farmer’s markets and restaurants have been closed (a major source of business).

The QEEP UP team has gotten aboard the farm box wagon and these are some of our favorites! Do you have a favorite farm box? Let us know!



Q-Tip: Our Favorite Farm Boxes


Coldwater Farm Hub

This husband and wife team found a way to make sure farmers didn’t go under during Covid-19. They saw the suffering that happened in the farm-to-table business when the pandemic hit. There was nowhere for farmers to sell their produce so they took action. I LOVE when a business is rooted in doing the right thing by your community. I want everyone to support them!

Flamingo Estate

This place is beyond classy and works with many farmers just outside of LA. It even grows some things on property, including fresh-cut flowers and the most delicious rosé wine! They send recipes inspired by the seasonal boxes and deliver right to your door. It’s a no-brainer!

– Maggie Q


Bloomsbury Farm

Let me represent Tennessee! Bloomsbury Farm is both GAP and Organic certified and was founded by a third-generation farmer—a woman! In addition to hosting events, they have an educational kid’s camp program that teaches about farming and animals. Their CSA boxes are splendid and they also sell at the local farmer’s market.

I love this farm so much that I got married there!

– Amanda Schardt


Schaner Farms

A local family-owned farm known for their variety in citrus and farm fresh eggs. But the part that I loved most about this box was the massive Reed Avocado… It was like the heaven of all avocados and for sure an ahhh moment when it was cut open!

– Jenna Champion



Other Favorites


Misfits Market

Misfits Market prevents food waste by delivering slightly imperfect, but perfectly delicious fruits and vegetables to customers across the Northeast, South and Midwest. They guarantee their organic and non-GMO farm boxes cost up to 40% less than the local supermarket.


The Chef’s Garden

This family-run, sustainable farm in Huron, Ohio, delivers seasonal vegetables that used to only be available to professional chefs at the country’s best restaurants. The Chef’s Garden grows over 600 specialty vegetables and microgreens and offers free shipping in the US.



A farm-to-phone app that connects people with local farmers who all use organic, sustainable and chemical-free farming practices. The app lets you buy directly from over 1,000 growers and coordinate contactless delivery across the US. Cropswap’s motto: Better for you. Better for farmers. Better for earth.

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