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Startup Spotlight: Lavender and Truffles by Alicia Liu

Startup Spotlight: Lavender and Truffles by Alicia Liu

What do we love more than a small business success story? A fearless pivot to a brand-new career. Alicia Liu spent twenty years in luxury fashion for brands like Prada, LVMH and Dolce & Gabbana. Her passion, however, was cooking.

Not surprising as Alicia comes from a culinary background. Her father, aunts and uncles were all chefs who owned Chinese restaurants in both Argentina and the US. Fun fact: Alicia’s relatives cooked for the last emperor of China.

A year-and-a-half ago, Alicia left New York, with her daughter and dog, to go to Los Angeles and pursue her own culinary dreams. While she had a few ideas of what she wanted to do, the one she stumbled upon—and that stuck—was her plant-based ice cream, infused with spices, called Lavender and Truffles.

We’re going to take a moment to wax poetic about how dreamy, creamy and luscious Lavender and Truffles is. The QEEP UP team skews vegan, so we’ve tried every brand of vegan ice cream out there. Trust when we say Lavender and Truffles is on another level…

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Erewhon, food market to LA’s high-end health junkies, just started carrying Alicia’s ice cream. That’s a BFD for anyone; for a one-woman business that launched less than a year ago, it’s extraordinary!

We’re so excited to bring you this incredibly inspiring Startup Spotlight: Lavender and Truffles by Alicia Liu.

Lavender and Truffles is available at every Erewhon location in Los Angeles and at Kye’s MontanaFor more on Alicia and Lavender and Truffles (and to order online), go to her Instagram and her website.

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